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About/As Teacher/As StudentTeaching Interests1. InfoSec Theory (recently I am interested in the theoretical basis of InfoSec, which is (despite many decades of the practice) surprisingly vestigial, nearly null (to the extent of surprising you by the very mention of the word "theory" here))

2. Elementary Physics (and specifically "elementary", since we live in a society where quantum shenanigans are better understood than the very basics of the visible world)

3. Elementary Math, discrete math (see #1)

4. Statistics (I would like to show you that there are very deep and totally overlooked problems of which importance dwarfs the chi-distribution worship and all the corpus of statistical trickery altogether including the Zipf's fallacy)

5. Teaching, Composing Problems and Examples
Learning InterestsCategory Theory
(yes, people, I am running out of words in my InfoSec studies.)
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