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About/As Teacher/As StudentTeaching InterestsIm interested in teaching computer science visually, through art and graphics. I believe this will allow visual learners and creatives to see the potential of the computer as a creative medium.

Im interested in teaching something at the intersection of compassion, spirituality, animal rights, veganism, humanity, sustainability, health, religion, philosophy. I am not completely sure what that looks like yet, but the ideas are coming together.

I spent some time in Bologna, Italy in 2015, and taught Italian children (in Italian) a bit about computer science, using art and graphics.
1) Presentation: [link] Video: [link]
2) Presentation: [link] Video: [link]
Learning InterestsIm interested in learning about programming languages, alternative currencies, Italian culture, animal rights, and how to bring about positive global change. I have always enjoyed learning about usability, user interface design and
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