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About StuCoOur MissionStuCo was established in 2015 to advance knowledge and performance in all pursuits, including the arts, sciences, humanities, athletics, engineering, finance, law, medicine, vocations, and more. We champion innovation in teaching methods to put into practice our acknowledgement that no single approach to teaching fits all learners. We champion content not regularly found in universitites so we don't duplicate efforts and instead focus on breaking new ground. We connect via live video chat so we can retain the experience of live interaction and have global reach.
Frequently Asked QuestionsStill have a question? Who can teach and take classes? more

Can I create and teach any class I want?
Yes and more

Does my class have to be approved by anyone? more

When can I teach a class?
Any time or more

Can I teach more than one different class?

Can I teach a single class more than once? more

Can I teach my class with other teachers? more

Can I hand off my class to a new teacher? more

Can I teach a class that was previously taught?
Yes, more

How many seats are in an online classroom? more

How many online classrooms are there?
Infinitely more

How are students graded?
Complete / Not more

How are classes rated?
We use the 5 star more

Is there a way for students and teachers to exchange feedback or communicate? more

Does StuCo claim any rights to my class content? more

Can teachers advertise their classes? more

Is StuCo secure?
Yes, but please more

Does StuCo compete with K-12 schools, universities, and MOOCs? more

Is StuCo related to the Student College at Carnegie Mellon University?
Yes and more

Where does the word "StuCo" come from, and how is it pronounced?
"Student" and "College".show more
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